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Health & Safety

For your own safety and the safety of others on the course, please be advised of the following:
MOBILE PHONES; you are advised to carry a mobile phone ONLY to summon assistance in a medical emergency. RING 999 FOR AN AMBULANCE provide information of location on the course and nominate player to direct the vehicle. Please do not use mobile phone on course for routine casual use e.g. personal calls, texting, emails or web access due to high probability of slowing play etc. and please have phone either set to SILENT or better SWITCHED OFF to avoid disruption to players. Within the Clubhouse there are designated areas for making/receiving calls

GREENS STAFF; Have priority at all times. Players must always alert greens staff within range when they are about to play a shot that might endanger them and wait for the staff to move out of range.

PUBLIC FOOTPATH; running through the course, parallel to the 4th and 10th fairways  behind the 14th and 16th greens and alongside the 14th fairway. Priority must be given to members of the public and no shots played that may endanger them.


BUGGIES & TROLLIES; to ensure safety on the golf course all users are required to comply with the clubs Buggies & Trolley Policy. Buggy drivers are required to use designated paths and routes at all times. Particular care should be taken on areas with steep slopes, e.g. paths to 14th tee, 13th fairway and the sides of stream passing through the course.

WET AND FROZEN SURFACES; may be slippery and golfers/spectators must ensure they wear appropriate footwear whilst on the course. Take particular care on steps and steep banks or slopes.

WATER HAZARDS; players are advised not to attempt to retrieve balls from any ponds on the course, in particular the large ponds to the side of the 7th. Players enter water hazards at their own risk.

FIRST AID; assistance is available in the Greenkeepers compound, Golf Shop or Clubhouse.

ETIQUETTE; players are reminded of the need to shout ‘FORE’ if you cannot see the full range of any wayward shot onto adjacent fairways.

LIGHTNING OR FOG; In the event of an electrical storm play must be suspended immediately and appropriate action taken. (Rule 5.7a applies). Do not start or continue play in fog.

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