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Frequently asked questions

How do I .....

We hope you find the answer to your question about Mytton Fold on this page. If there's anything else you'd like to know, however small, please don't hesitate to drop in or call us on 01254 946546 during daylight hours.

When does the membership year start?

Our membership year runs from the 1st March to the end of February


How do I join the club?
Call or go into the golf shop and speak to any member of staff. Tell them when and how often you'd like to play and they will help you find the membership category best suited to your requirements.


Can I join the Club in the middle of the membership year, and what are the costs?

 Yes! You can join the Club at anytime throughout the membership year, we simply pro-rata the cost, so you only pay for the remainder of the membership year.


What is the course ratings, slope rating and yardages?

White Course Rating 70.5, Slope rating 119, 5860yds

Yellow Course Rating 69.0, Slope rating 121, 5596yds

Red Course Rating 71.6, Slope rating 120, 5026yds


How do I get a handicap?
Having joined Mytton Fold, there is a requirement to get a handicap, a player must submit cards for 54 holes marked by another person. The rounds must be played at Mytton Fold Golf Club over 9 or 18 holes. We will then adjust the returned scores so that a lady never records more than 3 over par and a man never more that 2 over par on any individual hole. The maximum handicap for men and ladies is 54. There is no minimum score required to achieve a maximum handicap.


How do I enter a competition?
All entry sheets are found on the website (using the BRS System) you simply choose a convenient time and book your spot.


How do I get a game?
Mytton Fold has three strong sections, the Senior's, Men's & Ladies, each offering social rounds for you to enjoy. The seniors have a roll up on Tuesdays and Thursdays when you can simply turn up for a social 9 or 11 hole game. Ladies have a whats app group to organise their social competitions.   


How do I get the best discounts?
Membership brings discounts of up to 10% off items in the golf shop and the bar.


How do I book a tee time?
To book a tee time, simply call the golf shop on 01254946546 during daylight hours and tell them when you'd like to play. When you become a member you will be a given a log in for our tee reservation system (BRS) which will allow you to book from home.


How do I get a golf lesson?

We use the services of Paul Dwyer simply call 07977478281


What’s the dress code?

The club management wishes all users of the golf course an enjoyable round whilst recognizing that fashions change but require all players to wear appropriate clothing and footwear and ask all to respect individual choice.


Do I need to be a member to Play?
No, absolutely not, anyone is welcome to experience the great atmosphere we have here at Mytton Fold Golf Club.


Do you hire equipment?

Yes we do have some sets of clubs to hire

Buggies are available all year round at a cost of £28 per round

Electric trolleys are available to hire at a cost of £9.50 per round

Pull Trolleys can also be hired for £5 per round, all subject to availability 


Does every person in the group need golf clubs?

Yes, it is not permitted to share clubs on the golf course, each player must have clubs and a bag of their own to maintain a reasonable speed of play.


A couple of Fun Facts

How many steps does it take to play a round of Golf?

 This can vary from person to person and is a difficult question to answer exactly, but we estimate this to be around 10,000 steps

 How many calories are burned playing Golf?

 You can burn anywhere between 100-300 calories every 30 minutes playing the game of Golf, this will vary depending on many factors, but with these numbers, you can see playing Golf is an excellent way to keep your heart healthy and keep you in great shape.

Whats the Current Course Record?

The course record is currently gross 68 shot by Wayne Ivinson on the 25th May 2019   (Nett 65)

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