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This is the QR code for Mytton Fold Golf Club registered with track and trace.

You will find it displayed around the golf shop area.

Please make sure you scan it in order to check in when you arrive.

Don't forget your face coverings.

Mytton Fold Golf Course Society Group Bookings:

Our position from the 17th May 2021 until further notice.

We have introduced the following rules for our golf group bookings. Please consider if your group can abide by these rules.

As the group organiser please advise all group members of these rules. If you do not believe that your group can abide by these rules or if you do not wish to bring your group with these restrictions in place please advise us as soon as possible. Any deposits paid will be refunded.

1.   Playing groups of up to 4 people (from 2 households) must be organised before the day of the event and players informed of their start time.


2.   Players should arrive no more than 20 minutes before their start time for their bacon sandwich and coffee (if applicable). This should be eaten at the tables with playing partners only.


3.   Players should not gather together (other than with those in their playing group) outside the shop, anywhere on the course or in the car park.


4.   Players must only socialise with those in their playing group and should not socialise with other players in other golfing groups.


5.   Organisers should arrange for the result of any competition the society has played to be communicated to the players after players have left the course. No prize presentations will be permitted.


6.   All rules in place in the shop and toilet areas (such as wearing facemasks) and the rules out on the course must be observed at all times to help safeguard staff and customers.


7.   It is the responsibility of the society organiser to ensure that all group members know their tee off time and the above rules.

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